java 比 c++ 慢的理由

java c++ 速度比较

java 比 c++ 慢的理由

・  Interpreting bytecodes is 10 to 30 times slower than native execution.

・  Just-in-time compiling bytecodes can be 7 to 10 times faster than interpreting, but still not

quite as fast as native execution.

・  Java programs are dynamically linked.

・  The Java Virtual Machine may have to wait for class files to download across a network.

・  Array bounds are checked on each array access.

・  All objects are created on the heap (no objects are created on the stack).

・  All uses of object references are checked at run-time for null.

・  All reference casts are checked at run-time for type safety.

・  The garbage collector is likely less efficient (though often more effective) at managing

the heap than you could be if you managed it directly as in C++.

・  Primitive types in Java are the same on every platform, rather than adjusting to the most

efficient size on each platform as in C++.

・  Strings in Java are always UNICODE. When you really need to manipulate just an ASCII

string, a Java program will be slightly less efficient than an equivalent C++ program.


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